using the gps while driving

What You Need to Know About Distracted Driving

Driving requires the driver’s full attention. While others think they can do it on autopilot, it only takes one mistake to cause a life-threatening accident. Distracted driving puts many people

mother and daughter hanging out

Black History Month: Why It Matters

Commercialism dictates that the most important event every February is Valentine’s Day. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with celebrating love and being in love. After all, didn’t John Lennon once

local stores

The Benefits of Buying Local During a Pandemic

The pandemic has had unprecedented effects on practically every aspect of our lives, but it’s safe to say that its effects have been immensely disproportionate. While bigger businesses generally have

modern house with pool

Making Money from Your Vacation Home this 2021

Airbnb, the ubiquitous home rental service that made waves in the travel industry in the past decade, found itself being disrupted by the COVID-19 crisis. The travel company reported losing as much

people on a train wearing masks

Basic Things You Must Do to Win Over the Pandemic

No other country has been hit by the virus as devastatingly as the United States of America. More than three hundred thousand (300,000) people are dead and as many as sixteen million

person applying lotion

Dealing with Eczema and Other Skin Disorders

Eczema and other skin conditions can be debilitating to one’s body, affecting comfort and health. Although some products can help with the symptoms, some items can leave your skin feeling

kids playing in the park

Raising Emotionally Healthy Children

When it comes to raising children, there are things that we need to understand in order for us to be more effective, and ultimately, loving parents. Family law can only

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