We Need More Active Community-based Organizations

Growing up, we’ve all been taught the significant impact of careful collaboration, meaningful cooperation, and how working smarter almost always means working together to achieve our collective goal. However, the

woman wearing facemask

How Can You Help Stop the Spread of Covid-19?

The pandemic has recently halted most of our operations as an individual. Some of us had to adapt to a remote work setup and conduct our job-related activities at home.


Making a Positive Impact on Your Community

Building a community takes time, patience, diligence, and effort. The superpowers of the world didn’t become great nations overnight. They had difficulties to overcome and, in the process, learned from

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Boosting The Community With Scholarships

Offering scholarships is a great way to ensure that a community can build itself up. With people from the community getting a good education, they have wider access to opportunities.

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