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How to Keep Your Community Healthy

A healthy community is a thriving community. When residents are engaged and invested in their surroundings, it creates a positive domino effect that benefits everyone. As a resident, you have

A government building or office for government workers

Careers for Those Who Want to Work in the Government

Government work is a great way to serve your community and make a difference. There are many jobs in the government, from entry-level positions to high-level careers. Whatever your skills

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Six Ways the U.S. Government Can Improve Retirement

The United States government has been working on improving its citizens’ retirement for many years. The Social Security program was established back in 1935. However, there are always ways that

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How to Manage Children While Going Through a Divorce

Every year over half a million marriages end every year. In 2020, there were 630,505 divorces and annulments in the United States. Going through a divorce is never easy—especially when

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