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What Does an Age-friendly Community Look Like?

If you’ve watched the movie The Intern, you will understand the complicated side of growing old. When they hit the retirement age, they barely have things left to do, especially if they

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Neighborhood Bars are Essential to Community Building

The Washington Post reveals that neighborhood bars are getting fewer in America. Local pubs are closing while liquor stores are opening. This means that more people are drinking at home rather than


Multilevel Initiatives for Better Communities

When it comes to multilevel participation and collaboration, this means the three principal components of society work hand in hand to improve living and working conditions for all citizens. The

single parent

How Is the Community Helping Single Parents?

Raising a child alone is a scary thought. Well, raising a kid per se (even with a partner and the whole family) is an overwhelming idea. Imagine the fear that

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How to Prevent Damaging Your Voice Box

Vocal ranges differ, but one thing remains the same among all singers—the general techniques they employ to maintain their vocal health. Even the most iconic singers can lose the strength


Dog Care: How to Do It Properly

Dogs are wonderful pets. They offer love, protection, and companionship to dog owners all over the world. However, dog care can be challenging. Dog owners need to know what they’re

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