Understanding Child Support

Recent data from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) indicates that there are more than 2.2 million marriages in America. That’s roughly 6.9 marriages per 1,000 population, which

divorce contract and pen

Amicable During Divorce: Is That Even Possible?

Is conscious uncoupling real? Can you actually become amicable while your marriage is breaking apart? Seriously, is reaching an agreement possible for divorcing couples? Yes, and here are the reasons

Customer rating

Best Things to Do With Customer Feedback

Sending feedback forms to your customers is an excellent way to engage them while gathering opinions or comments about your products and services at the same time. Even if they

Child with parents arguing at the back

Making Things Clear About Child Support

When you divorce, someone has to take care of the kids. A major component of that is the financial side of things. It can be hard to raise a child

teacher in front of the class

Why Is Your Child Struggling at School?

Having a child struggling at school is a challenging experience for any parent to go through. It can be both bewildering and frustrating since you might have no idea why

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