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Cybersecurity Mistakes Small Businesses Must Avoid

We’re now in the era of accelerated e-commerce engagement and market expansion. Modern society had already been moving in this direction; the COVID-19 pandemic only sped things up. So it

data protection

Effective Steps to Improve SQL Server Monitoring

A challenge that most database administrators (DBAs) face is the lack of organisation in their SQL Server environment. As the hardware that stores, manages and retrieves your entire organisation’s database,


Where’s the World Now in Plant-Based Eating?

By now, more people are becoming aware of the term “plant-based eating.” What many don’t know is where precisely the planet is in following it? How much interest is it

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A Closer Look at The Apple’s Lawsuit

iPhone is one of the most popular phone brands available in the market. However, there have been speculations for a few years about it deliberately making customers buy new phones

Clean Office

Reduce Office Clutter to Boost Productivity

Office clutter is not only an eyesore but also has a negative effect on productivity. The mess distracts employees and prevents them from focusing on their tasks. De-cluttering is an

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